We will only bring the best of products to market.

This is the way of the revolutionary, the artist and the visionary.

This is our way.

% of net profit donated to charity

We as revolutionaries have always been for the good—the good of the people, the planet and all its living things.

We at Outlaw Farms will always stay true to our motto and will not compromise quality for the sake of profit.

Since the inception of Outlaw Farms in 2012, our vision has been based on the dedication of giving back to the economy, to society and the environment.  Our hope is to educate people on the incredible medicinal and healing properties of Cannabis for the health of people, the planet and benefit of all.”
With Love,
Solis Lujan, Cheyenne Riester and Dakotah Simonds

We have come out of the shadows into the light.

We bring with us the stories of the highways we have traveled, the friendships we have made on this journey and the lessons learned.