Outlaw Farms Hand Cleaning Scrub developed as a result of countless hours of research, experimentation and stubbornness.  We set out to make a radical cleanser that would remove thick, sticky resin and odor from the hands of trimmers, while healing, moisturizing, and softening outlaw hands.  What happened was…we overshot.  Our no-stir hand cleanser removes plant resins, saps, tar, asphalt, oil, grease and adhesives and is applicable on tools, brushes, and pots & pans. Outlaw Farms Hand Cleaning Scrub is all natural, biodegradable, free of solvents and mircobeads. Outlaw Farms Hand Cleaning Scrub gets the rebel out of sticky situations while protecting the integrity of your skin and the environment.

Rub a small dab of Outlaw Farms Hand Cleaning Scrub on all surfaces of the hands concentrating on heavily soiled areas.  Rinse with warm water.  Repeat for best results.  Gently towel dry. Massage remaining oil into skin.

*Tested extensively by trimmers. Most manicuring in our industry is performed by women,
who absolutely love this product.

*Men love our product too, but often take the macho approach and pour poison on their hands. 
​HEY! Alligator hands are for alligators!

*Roofers, mechanics, arborists, gardeners, and fishermen

*Artists, painters and jewelers

* Outlaws, renegades and vigilantes

*If you find other uses, let us know. Send videos of our hand cleanser working its magic. We would love to see them and share on Facebook & Instagram.